松井寛(a.k.a. royal mirrorball)のソロ楽曲に、ゲストボーカルで参加したのを機に、それぞれ別々に活動していた書上奈朋子(ex:ジ・エキセントリック・オペラ)が合流。


D49 was a Japanese morden/noise/minimal music group, formed in TOKYO city in 2016.  Kakiage Nahoko (ex: The Eccentric Opera)  joined in the solo works of Matsui Hiroshi (a.k.a. royal mirrorball) as a vocalist and they formed a music unit by the trigger of this work. Each solo works which had been released from WANTYOU!records was integrated into “D49”.
2018, They changed the unit name from “Geistarbahnhofe” to “D49”.

書上奈朋子(Nahoko KAKIAGE)  vocalist, composer, arranger.
松井 寛(Hiroshi MATSUI)producer, composer, arranger.